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tw-Advertising andAffiliate Links Disclosure- Wandering Star Astrology

I really appreciate you visiting Wandering Star Astrology. Alas, it costs money to run a website. And it can cost a LOT of money to run a website that gets a lot of visits every month. The bigger you get, the more people are lining up at your door wanting money for this or that. It’s just the nature of the beast.

So I’ve got some advertising and affiliate links have been placed here and there around my website. These help me to cover the costs associated with my website.

It’s rare that I would write a blog post to review or recommend a product on this type of website. But if I do so, you’ll see a statement that “This post may contain affiliate links.” at the top of that post.

Otherwise, please be advised that there are clickable links throughout this website for advertising and affiliate programs. Those should be fairly easy to recognize. If you click on an ad or an affiliate link, I receive a small amount of compensation for your clicks or purchases related to those.

Thanks for reading. 🙂