Hiya! I’m Tris Spencer. I’ve been a devoted student of astrology since 2006. The writings featured here include both my original writings and curated content. 

Periodically, I’ll ask another astrologer to read my chart for me in some fashion. In 2017 I asked a well-known astrologer to do a read on my natal chart. One of the first things she said was, “WOW, this chart is WET!” And there is, of course, a story behind that:  I was born during a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean, where my parents lived on an island at the time. I went halfway around the world with my parents to a new home when I was 17 days old. And I’ve lived through a few perfect storms in my life.

Just for the record:   I’m a Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon/Gemini Rising. Make what you will of that. 😉

At this time I’m just writing about astrological topics that interest me. I’ll begin to offer personalized consultations in July 2018, which marks the beginning of a new progressed lunation cycle for me (in Sagittarius! Yay!)

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Wishing you love and a perfect martini,


love and a perfect martini - Wandering Star Astrology

My hubby invented this for me: gin, sweet vermouth, framboise, and a cherry. I don’t know what other people call this, but we call it “The Maven.” I also always appreciate the bright and citrusy character of a Kamikaze (cocktail, not shooter) or a Gimlet.