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Rose McGowan: The Emergence of Lilith

Actor/singer/director Rose McGowan has risen up to become a widely recognized face in The War on Women.  She was born on September 5, 1973, at 11:38 PM in Certaldo, Italy. Her birth details are rated AA by Astrodatabank. This chart shows the major planets, the North/South Node, Chiron, Ceres, and Eris. The 1997 transit chart that I’ll post later includes what turns out to be some “small” but key factors in her natals and transits.

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There is so much of significance to talk about in Rose’s birth chart and transits. I’m sure I won’t be able to cover it all, so please feel welcome to add your own comments at the end of the post about her astrological placements.

I was also able to find out lots of additional information about natal placements that are less well-known. These energies can be subtle or significant, depending upon where they fall in a natal chart. Some of those “smaller” astrological bodies, such as asteroids and points in space, turned out to be very significant in Rose’s birth chart. is an invaluable reference for astrologers in this regard.

Rose McGowan:  Snapshot

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First, let’s establish a baseline identity for Rose. By the principles of evolutionary astrology, I will call her the Vestal Virgin (Virgo sun), with the soul of a truth-teller (Sagittarius moon), wearing the mask of the Ingénue (Gemini ascendant). I use the word “virgin” here not to mean a woman with a physically intact hymen, but one who “belongs” to herself rather than to a man.

While the Vestal Virgin is an innate part of Rose’s identity, other factors in her natal chart reveal that her destiny involves a fight to (re)claim her “virginity.” And this fight unfolds and progresses via her truth-telling Sadge moon.

The persona of the ingénue fits well with Rose’s youthful and mercurial Gemini ascendant. What is an ingénue? Merriam-Webster defines it simply as “a naive girl or young woman,” or someone who plays such a role. Even at age 44 today, Rose looks (to my eye, anyway) young, fresh, energetic, and vibrant. It’s been said of folks with Gemini ascendants that they age well, and throughout life they tend to look much younger than they actually are. (I can’t locate the reference right now, but I remember this because I too have mid-Gemini rising in my natal chart.)

The Urban Dictionary notes that in the creative professions such as opera, theater, and literature, the ingénue “is often the victim of the libertine.” If the ingénue is Gemini, then its opposite, the libertine, is Sagittarius. And Rose’s Sagittarius placements, including her truth-telling Moon in Sadge, provide some vitally important context to illuminate her life experiences and where they’ve been leading her.

While McGowan has spoken openly and continually for some time now about sexism and misogyny in Hollywood, her most recent cause célèbre is directly referential to the widespread sexual harassment and rape allegations leveled against svengali producer and mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The Ingénue and the Libertine: What Happened?

McGowan’s recently published memoir, Brave, details her experiences within what many now acknowledge is the toxic culture of Hollywood and her alleged rape by Weinstein in 1997 while she was attending the Sundance Film Festival. That festival took place January 16-26, 1997, in Park City, Utah. Rose was 23 years old at the time.

The chart below shows many of the transits that were taking place to McGowan’s natal chart on January 21, 1997, which would have been about halfway through the festival.

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This look at Rose’s early 1997 transits is not offered as a horary analysis that’s done by traditional horary methods. Rather, I’m looking at the time period when a fateful and allegedly violent event took place in her life. I’m looking for a sense of the astrological “weather” around her at the time of the alleged incident. I’m looking for the energies that were most active at the time and what they say about her time at the festival. I’m looking for clues about her divine or karmic purpose. I’m looking to explore (and this is forthcoming in one more more later blog posts) how she might work as effectively as possible with the energies that were unleashed upon her birth chart via these transits.

The Festival Moon Demarcated

The Moon’s influence in a transit chart moves along quickly, not to return to the same chart degrees until approximately 30 days later. And yet at least half the chart will have changed by the time the moon comes back around to those degrees the next month. So the place and time setup that happened with Rose’s ’97 trip to Sundance does prove to be quite fateful.

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The Moon began its festival transit on January 16th just a hair short of 28 Aries in the 11th house. At the end of the festival on January 26th, the Moon was at 13 Virgo in the 4th house.

So we begin moving the transiting Moon forward into the festival at late 27 Aries. Shortly afterward, a cluster of complex and unsettling transits began to be triggered in Rose’s chart.

The transiting Moon moved first to conjunct Rose’s natal warrior Mars in at 7 Taurus. You could say here that the warrior was at rest in Taurus, calm and unruffled, sitting on his back deck facing the forest, drinking a beer and enjoying the moonlight. Unbeknownst to her at the time, a monster was lurking in the woods in the form of Typhon 42355, also at 7 Taurus, exact upon her Mars. Typhon represents “storms and earthquakes, volcanic activity, and any disastrous event which threatens to overwhelm, physically or psychologically. Metaphorically, it can indicate being beset by troubles.” (

Transiting asteroid Persephone 399 was at 13 Scorpio/6th house at the time, closely conjunct natal Pallas at 14 Scorpio and quincunx Rose’s Sun at 13 Virgo. When the transiting moon reached 14 Taurus, it opposed (blocked) the creative intelligence of Rose’s natal Pallas at 14 Scorpio. I think of Scorpio on the 6th house cusp as “everyday witchcraft,” and there Rose would normally, routinely have had access to Pallas in Scorpio’s deep, dark, sexual, creative intelligence. Having that energy blocked by an opposition can symbolize not being able to see what’s coming.

The transiting Moon next conjuncted natal Persephone at 11 Gemini, hidden in the 12th house–close to her Ascendant, but on the “dark” side of it. At that time, the Moon triggered the beginning of a Persephone-like descent into the Underworld.

The transiting Moon then moved into opposition with transiting Nessus at 13 Sagittarius, which is closely conjunct her Descendant angle/opposing her Ascendant angle and exactly squares her Sun at 13 Virgo.

It’s not shown on the chart, but The Great Attractor (Abell 3627) is natally at 13 Sagittarius, closely conjunct Rose’s Descendant/opposing her Ascendant. Transiting Nessus is also in exact conjunction with The Great Attractor. About The Great Attractor astrologer Philip Sedgwick notes, “Given that Sagittarius holds the reputation for remaining uncontainable while in an interpersonal relationship, this degree promotes the most enthusiastic support for that trait of all of the degrees of Sagittarius. Words like subjugation, irrepressible, independent, non-confining, space-allowing and the like often receive dramatic declaration within the expression of this zodiacal longitude.”

The moon then conjuncted Rose’s Ascendant and began a downward journey in her chart to conjunct Rose’s natal Nessus at 26 Gemini/1st house.

Nessus and Abuse

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Nessus is a “minor” astrological body, but in Rose’s chart it packs a punch by virtue of its presence in the 1st house as well as the transits involving Nessus during the festival. Natal Nessus in the 1st house is intrinsically fused to Rose’s baseline identity.

Nessus’s energy is related to identifying and healing patterns of abuse. Astrologer Melanie Reinhart is credited with coining as Nessus’s keyword/phrase, “the buck stops here.”

“Where Nessus is at work, you can look for a complex web of interrelation, a sequence of events where one thing leads to another but the pieces of the story don’t necessarily seem connected. You may have to connect the dots and see the pattern for yourself. There may be some form of abuse of trust, and it may be subtle — until you see it clearly for what it is … Nessus has themes that feel like the return of karma that may have an extremely long trajectory, like a boomerang that takes the long way around the world. Actions have consequences, and once you notice those effects, you can almost always discover the source.” — Eric Francis Coppolino

This linked article about Nessus is pretty short, yet rich with essential details about the effects of Nessus in a chart. So I encourage y’all to read it in its entirety.

The transiting Moon then opposed her natal Neptune and transiting Pluto, then quickly moved on to conjunct her natal Saturn conjunct South Node, and the Moon squared her natal Pluto at the same time. This is a link to fate and destiny, which I’ll discuss more about in a later blog post.

On this date about halfway through the festival, the transiting Moon also squared transiting Mars, and transiting Mars was exactly conjunct her natal Pluto. A square indicates friction, and with Mars/Pluto involved, the friction involved would not be a pleasant experience for its recipient, whose chart this is. A Moon/Mars/Pluto square is a telling indicator of sexual violence. Transiting Saturn conjunct South Node were also closely opposing the violent interaction of the planets and points in early Libra.

Note also that the Moon’s transit through Cancer and Leo twanged a succession of transiting planets in the opposite signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. In that cluster, transiting Pallas is exactly conjunct Rose’s North Node in Capricorn. To my eye, this transiting Pallas/natal North Node conjunction looks like the the first step upon a “bridge” of transiting planets that eventually leads Rose toward a new public identity as an activist.

Hollywood as Mount Olympus

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Mythic Zeus, so-called “king of the gods” and ruler of Mount Olympus (the home of the gods), is a fitting way to describe the powerful position that Hollywood producers hold within the world of cinema. Thus it’s no surprise to learn that Zeus is a key player in Rose’s chart.

Zeus appears in astrology as both a Trans-Neptunian Object (TNO) and a named asteroid (Zeus 5731).

Astrologer Arlene Kramer writes of Zeus (TNO) that it symbolizes “controlled, directed energy. Machines; creativity; leadership. All things military. Combustion engines. Compulsion. Drive … Zeus is like a loaded gun that is aimed. Even the glyph looks like a rocket. It signifies well planned efforts.”

Transiting TNO Zeus looks to me like the “meat” (yeah, you know what I mean) inside of a transiting North Node/Mars/Pluto “sandwich” in Rose’s 5th house. The creative 5th house can aptly represent the festival itself. And at the risk of being triggery here, this aspect could conceivably reflect how McGowan reports the alleged rape took place: She describes herself as being “sandwiched” between the alleged perpetrator and the side of a Jacuzzi.

Astrologer Julie Demboski writes of asteroid Zeus 5731 that “in the female chart it may suggest something about a woman’s responsiveness or lack of it [emphasis mine] to male authority/power plays, to power partnerships, and may describe her vulnerability to attack or to being deceived by willful males with whom she partners.” Zeus 5731 is exactly conjunct Rose’s activist Jupiter in revolutionary Aquarius and the worldly 9th house. Rose was also preparing to have a Jupiter (and Zeus) return in Aquarius, and this return would bring a 12-year cycle to a close for her.

Transiting Pluto:  The Monster in Your Nightmare

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In October 2017 McGowan said that “The triggering has been insane—the monster’s face everywhere, my nightmare”… I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut-shamed, I have been harassed, I have been maligned, and you know what? I am just like you. What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society. It cannot stand and will not stand.” (

Transiting Pluto is exactly conjunct her Neptune at 4 Sagittarius/6th house. Here is Rose’s “monster.” The conjunction focused and fused two energies together. It looks like the bogeyman (Pluto) sneaking up on somebody unawares (Neptune). You might also say that the bogeyman was stalking someone on a dark and stormy night. Again, Pluto’s involvement can be affirmative of a trauma’s sexual nature.

Transiting Pholus (a small cause or chance encounter that precipitates a big effect) in fair and balanced Libra, 12 degrees, was in close opposition to her natal 13 Eris (provocateur, shit-stirrer) in warrior sign Aries.

Three Liliths

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There are several different Liliths to be considered in the natal chart. There is an asteroid Lilith, and there are several points in space that are designated as Lilith with slightly varying names. But no matter which Lilith you’re looking at, the theme that ties them all together is that in the Hebrew myth she refused to lie beneath Adam during sex. She refused to be subordinated or subjugated to male desire. I admiringly refer to Lilith as The Nasty Woman.

Transiting Black Moon Lilith (BML) at 23 Leo is closely conjunct Rose’s natal Vesta in at 22 Leo/4th house. Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and keeper of the flame. Interestingly, Vesta was only rarely depicted in human form; instead, Vesta is the fire itself. Don’t mistake a 4th house Vesta conjunct BML for a housemaid who services men just because she happens to be there, though. Vesta is the sovereign queen of her own hearth in the 4th house.

But in Rose’s chart, Vesta (and likewise the transiting BML) reveal an affliction. Asteroid Proserpina 26 is part of the mix here too, natally at 25 Leo. Proserpina is the Romanized version of the Greek name “Persephone.” The Persephone/Proserpina myth is a bit complex because there are many variations in its telling. But “the main ‘under vibe’ is that Proserpina indicates an area where you have no romantic control. You are completely at the whim of others here and there is little to no consideration for your feelings or wants regarding love. There is a dominating partner that is determined to cause problems … and fails to see beyond their own wants.” ( 

Dark Moon Lilith (aka the “Waldemath Moon”) is at 15 Virgo in Rose’s chart; its energy is tightly associated in conjunction with her natal Sun, TNO Zeus, and Mercury in Virgo. The Waldemath moon can suggest “a stolen childhood (through abuse) or children abducted ….” (

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The connection to Rose’s upbringing in the Children of God cult is striking here. She has related that her parents decided to escape the cult when it began to normalize pedophilia. Rose’s father, especially, saw the wisdom of sacrificing an ideal he held (“hippy love,” or “free love”) in order to protect Rose from becoming a victim of the cult’s increasingly unsavory practices.

But I love how Rose also shares that she “came out of the womb waving red lipstick.” Clearly, Lilith energy was strongly available to Rose at an early age, ready to fight back if and when there was a need.

Transiting asteroid Lilith 1181 was exactly conjunct to Rose’s natal Pluto at 3 Libra. Lilith 1181 “is brimming with youthful vigor. So she is the eternal teenager, the rebel. She fights for freedom and justice. She is the earthly bridge to Eris, reflecting her trouble-making, apple-throwing side. She is the shadow of Uranus. Shocking, eccentric, stirring things up.” ( And we can now add Lilith 1181, symbolic here of Rose herself, to the violent “sandwich” on her natal Pluto involving transiting North Node, Mars, and TNO Zeus, squared by the transiting Moon.

I’ll stop here for today, but will follow up with more about Rose McGowan’s activist nature and her evolutionary path soon.

Do you have any astrological insights to add about Rose McGowan’s transits during Sundance 1997? Share in the comments!